Sons of Anarchy S05E12: Men Face Out

Another 90 minutes! I did not see that one coming (probably because I missed the “Next time on…” from last week, damn Thanksgiving break, screwing with my mind).

Jax is steadily working on his letters to his boys, telling them all about their father’s failings as a man. He is working hard to right his wrongs and now he is at a crossroads. “You reach an age where you realize that being a man isn’t about respect or strength. It’s about being aware of the things you touch.” He says, he knows because he is at that place and it’s time to decide who he wants to be – the man his father tried to be, or the man his stepfather is.

At the clubhouse Jax is ready to make his move on Clay, when Bobby pops up and derails all of his best laid plans. Bobby says Clay is going to admit to everything. What he did with the nomads, the break-ins, plans to use Jax’s relationship with Damon Pope against him and take back the gavel. Clay comes clean to all his recent mistakes, and admits that every time he has tried to expose Jax as a bad leader Jax has handled the pressure and come out a better leader than Clay could ever be. Clay leaves so the club can vote on taking away his patch. The vote has to be unanimous and an extremely angry Jax is the first to say “yay”. The vote to kick Clay out of the club he started is unanimous. Now onto the most important vote – Does Clay meet Mr. Mayhem? The vote is unanimous – until Bobby votes “Nay”. Clay lives! But that doesn’t mean Jax can’t beat the living shit out of him outside the garage in full view of Gemma and Unser (who both seem a bit indifferent).

Back inside Jax is none too pleased with his VP. “You made a deal with him behind my back.” Jax states. Bobby slaps Clay’s vest on the table and lists the reasons why Jax’s plan wouldn’t work. First, no proof of Clay’s guilt. Second, Jax would have killed Clay behind the club’s back, and then the next time something like this happened (in this club, you never know) it would be this much easier for Jax to do it again. Third, Bobby loves Jax and doesn’t want to see him become the man he wants to kill. Good reasons! But Jax is still pissed. He hasn’t felt the love for brotherhood since Opie died, and realizes that “you can’t sit in this chair without becoming a savage” and Bobby just doesn’t get it.

Gemma nurses Clay but he really needs a doctor. Instead he takes a minute alone to cry.

Tara drops the boys off at daycare and walks-and-talks with her lawyer. The lawyer wants to know what Tara’s plans are should anything happen to her or Jax. She hasn’t, but the seed of a living will is planted, and Tara begins to think about her future. Tara and the lawyer have bigger problems though – like Tara’s testimony about Otto murdering the nurse. The prosecutor is interrogating Tara about why she volunteered at Stockton, how she knew Otto and whether or not she knew it was illegal to bring anything to an inmate.

Pope has asked for a meeting with Jax. He says Charming Heights is promising (thanks to Hale being a shitty mayor but good developer) and he wants Tig. Now. Jax is perfectly fine with handing Tig over after all the deals are finalized that afternoon. Pope warns Jax that if he doesn’t get Tig “everything goes away” leaving Jax screwed. This unpleasant note doesn’t deter Jax from asking Pope for advice. Is it OK to do something bad behind his club’s back? Pope knows he’s talking about Clay and advises that the process isn’t important, the result is. Jaz just needs to come at it from a different angle and get someone else to do the dirty work.

It’s time for the CIA Cartel and the Chinese to meet. The Chinese can deliver all the guns the cartel wants, but it will take 2-3 months to set up the rout from Palestine. The cartel is OK with that, but they need their Irish order right away, or no deal with Jax. Jax meets with Gaylan, sans Clay. Gaylan does not like meeting without Clay and he is even less pleased when the cartel show up armed. They want their guns NOW, Jax’s word be damned. Racial slurs are traded and somehow shots are fired. Jax saves Bobby and as soon as the shooting started it’s ended. The cartel is taking their guns on SAMCRO’s dime, meaning Jax has to pay Gaylan almost $500,000 in addition to the money he owes the Italians and Nero. Gaylan is pissed at being shot at and tells Jax “Sons is gonna feel this on both continents”.

Tara has called in the one person she knows will take care of her boys the way she would – Wendy (I know, right?). With Tara possibly moving to Oregon (with or without Jax) she has been wondering what she should do should anything happen to her, and realized that Wendy is the only one who makes sense to take care of her boys (Gemma is definitely not an option). Wendy agrees (kind of) and Tara even lets her have a visit with Abel at daycare.

Nero is having a meeting with the guys he almost killed last week. Dave Navarro (REALLY) tells Nero all about someone named Dante taking over their territory. His meeting is interrupted by Gemma, who he doesn’t seem happy to see. He is cheered up a bit when he hears that Clay got beat up. Gemma needs Nero’s doctor, but she has other motives. She meant it when she said The L Word, and she isn’t there just because Clay is out and she needs another gangster in her life.

Jax is rallying the troops from all over. Juice is helping Clay move when Tig shows up to bring both of them to the clubhouse. Before Tig interrupted Clay was having a moment with Juice and gave him the gun Juice had been eyeing.

Jax is followed into the hospital by someone in a leather jacket (with no insignia). He stops abruptly when he sees Abel with Wendy at the vending machine. She is told that she has no business there, and that they will take this outside. Wendy waits outside while Chibs asks Jax if this is the best time. While there is no time like the present it looks as though there is no time at all – someone kidnapped Wendy.

Tara is unaware of all that is happening in her hallway and walks into her office to find Dona Logue waiting for her. Someone in a white lab coat told him this was her office and that he could wait for her there. You see he is the dead nurse’s brother and he is trying to put the pieces together. Tara does her best to assure him the nurse didn’t suffer, but he doesn’t understand why someone would kill another person with a crucifix. His name is Lee Torric and he is a US Marshal. He slowly drops his act and starts asking the hard questions – like did Tara’s gangster husband put her up to anything and did she volunteer to make the RICO case go away? He leaves his card and promises that this is not the last time they will meet. Tara feels now that jail is imminent and tells Jax what happened. He tells her that they will be fine and that she won’t go to jail, but even he doesn’t sound like he believes himself.

Jax is pulled away by Gaylan’s demands – Wendy for the $474,000. If he doesn’t get it then Abel will come to Belfast with him, again. Nero offers to pay (again) but Jax can’t accept it. Nero explains that he has had enough money to  buy his farm for years, he just can’t leave the life he secretly loves. He hopes Jax is stronger than him. Oh and he also wants guns.

Wendy is returned safe and sound and one miligram smarter. She knows all about Abel being kidnapped and taken to Belfast and threatens to take Abel. Bobby asks for a minute alone with Jax to “Talk shit out” but Jax would rather tear his guts out so that’s a no.

Clay makes a secret deal with Gaylan to run IRA guns independently and Gaylan agrees. Clay also asks for passage to Northern Ireland for himself and Gemma. When he tells Gemma she says she’ll think about it, then goes to Nero’s for the night. Clay has other business to tend to for the night, like getting all of his SAMCRO tattoos blacked out by Happy (who goes a little rough on the skin if you ask me). He also wants Tig in on the independent job with him, and Tig is tempted to agree.

Jax has one last task for the night. He pulls up alongside Tig who hands him something in a paper bag that is “ready to shoot”. Jax bursts into Wendy’s house and slams her against a wall. She will never have his family. In fact, she is going back to rehab. She showed up at Tara’s work rambling about a kidnapping and Ireland high as a kite and a judge would never ever let her near a child again. Jax makes sure all this happens by forcing heroin into her body. I can honestly say that this may be the most evil thing Jax has ever done.

NEXT WEEK: Season finale! Will Tig live? Will Pope and Torric come back next season? Will Nero? WILL DAVE NAVARRO??????


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